Dear Ken Griffey Jr.

I forgot how much I loved you, the Michael Jordan of Baseball. Sorry that injury slowed you down, but honestly being the third ever player to hit a home run as a teenager and in their 40s is pretty wild. I remember when you played for the Mariners. You are the single reason why fell in Love with baseball. Congrats on entering the 600 club dude.

Oh and congrats for all those things you did that I was too young to realize were as amazing as they were:

In 1993, Griffey hit a home run in eight consecutive games, tying the record held by Dale Long and Don Mattingly.

During 1997-98, he joined Babe Ruth as then the only American League players (Alex Rodriguez has joined that club) to hit 50 home runs in back-to-back seasons.

He was named to the All-Century team when he was 29 and he was named the Player of the Decade for the 1990s.

In 1999, he became the first American League player since Harmon Killebrew to lead the league in home runs three seasons in a row.

Dear Pretty Black Girl...

Whatever happened to the concept of sisterhood?

If you know, please inform me because if I hear one more person defend hip-hop's misogyny by saying "I am not the woman those rappers are talking about. THAT woman should handle her business." I am going to lose my mind. Just sad.

Let's Chill

Funny how I'm writing this blog to stay out of trouble...and yet BM are trying frantically to defeat me.

Lets Chill - Guy

Anywho, I see a BM in passing. So I say to him we should chill before I leave at the end of June. So then I tell him I'll call him**. [read: hope you appreciate the formality but I ain't calling.]

So an hour later he calls me and asks if I want to chill. Mind you my daddy broke my t.v. as we were packing the apartment and I needed a place to watch Game 1, so I considered it. I ended up responding no because my associate is taking way too long to get his money right and buy me a car (that was a joke I'm I-N-D-E...blah blah blah i don't need no man Beyonce half naked on a deserted island all that). Buses make me sneeze. Seriously, I walk a lot.

Long story short I end up taking the bus and get there just in time for the second half. He lives about ten minutes away from me so i figured come games end, I would hop my happy behind back on the bus to my bed.

Imagine my face when I realized buses stop running from his place at 10:30pm. He says to me, "wanna hear something funny?" I have a sixth sense for dumb comments. He goes, "I thought you knew the buses weren't running and you were gonna sleep over." [read: aww man, I thought I was gonna get lucky tonight.

*what do you mean you thought I was going to sleep over?

Then it all made sense. He put new sheets on the bed, made me food, and gave me a chocolate cupcake for desert. He was setting some kind of mood I guess. I got in a cab and hightailed my butt to my bed. So awkward.

Moral of the story:

If we never did the do, please don't assume that when I come over to chill we will. Assumptions make an ass out of you, not me. Then BM's get mad at PBG's for not being down. Boy, good night and good luck.

** I'm lazy, BM, so even if I like you as a person, unless you're a 9 on a 10 scale I'm probably not making the effort to call you. Don't take it personal, it's me, certainly not you. I still love you. One of my closest friends lived literally up the block from me. We were roommates at school even. We would come home from breaks and never see each other until the day it was time to head back up. PBG's can be lethargic.

Girls All Around The World (ft. Lil Wayne) - Lloyd
* not much to do with the post. just love Lloyd, great sample choice baby.

I was over at verysmartbrothas (a great site by the way) and I realized there is way too much advice given to women about how to manage life. Particularly how to manage the men in their life. Well, women, the world does not happen to us, we happen to the world. So maybe the "others" should seek advice on how to survive in our world. Just a thought.